FundPDX has a crush on entrepreneurs!

We love working with startups and established companies on their growth strategy and platform.
Over the past 3 years, we have funded several companies from Retail, Health & Fitness to movies and television.
We don’t have a preference on what type of business we will work with, but it is important to understand our process.


Step #1
Forward your Executive Summary, Business Plan
& Pro Forma to info@FundPDX.com

Step #2
The Committee will meet and vote to move
forward. Committee meetings are held monthly.


Step #3
We sign a contract. This is the final
step and then we ALL get to work!


FundPDX specializes in working directly with entrepreneurs starting a business, and helping them achieve their dreams.

Our experience and current business involvement ranges from real estate, to business financing, health + fitness centers to animation firms, and beyond.

We don’t target a specific market segment, because good ideas can crop up anywhere!

Having a broad experience and background offers our clients a skill set that can bring a unique solution to problems often faced by new business start-ups.

Out of respect for our partners by acquisition or equity buy in,
we will not be advertising company names.


What people are saying about us.
  • “FundPDX is a God send. Our startup was in danger of losing key elements of a marquee product and traditional debt financing wasn’t an ideal solution. We needed a creative partner who understood the urgency of bringing the product to market, and that partner is FundPDX. ”

    – S.
  • “FundPDX is the reason my dreams have come true. As a disabled veteran, I struggled with finding my dream job, until I was presented an opportunity to purchase a CrossFit gym. The problem was finding someone who would help me out; FundPDX was there to do that! Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be working with such an amazing group of people.”

    – Desiree J.
  • “FundPDX demonstrates a thoughtful and grounded attitude towards business innovation not only in their investments, but also in their mentoring of entrepreneurs. Specifically, I refer businesses to Travis at FundPDX because of his exceptional business acumen, understanding of market demands, enthusiasm, and sincerity. I believe that Travis’ knowledge and gracious approach towards entrepreneurs make him a meaningful leader among pioneers in the business community.”

    – Aimee S.


Thank you for your interest with FundPDX. We are currently ramping up capacity to deal with new inquiries, we appreciate your patience. Thank you. ~Fund PDX team

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